Follow me on a journey of discovery as I capture striking and powerful views of nature. Dive into a collection of environments including snowy forests, mountains sitting in the glow of magic hour, dry and desolate deserts, empty plains, waterfalls or vibrant canyons. Every image tells a captivating story.

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Hamlet Khosravy, Photographer

Hamlet will sometimes revisit the same location multiple times to capture a setting in just the right light and create a photograph that is truly extraordinary.

What makes a true artist is their passion, dedication, drive, diligence, and creative mind. Hamlet Khosravy, a professional and gifted photographer, knew of his talent and decided to pursue photography as a career. First came many hours of practice which then led to multiple darkroom classes which contributed to Hamlet’s reputation as “Explorer of Light.” Working with Canon cameras is second-nature to Hamlet and when he holds one in his hands, the lens becomes an extension of his eyes creating photographs that are truly extraordinary. With over 15 years of experience capturing all forms of climate, weather, seasons, and landscape, even in the most unbearable weather, his fine art of craftsmanship still perseveres which catches the eyes of many high-end clients. His careful, original, and radiant photographic mastery reveals a supreme dedication to his work. Hamlet sometimes has to revisit the same location multiple times to capture a photo which will exceed his clients’ requests. Landscape photography is his speciality as he captures all environments whether they be snowy mountains, dry and desolate deserts, empty plains, or vibrant canyons. Hamlet leaves every location with a photograph that tells a captivating story.

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