An awe Striking Waterfall

An awe Striking Waterfall

An awe Striking Waterfall


9 Artist proof / 10 limited edition

location. Oregon

Framed. High Quality Framed UltraVue UV Anti-Reflective Glass.

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With our busy lives and constant hassle, it’s important to sometimes pause and look around. Without realizing, most of the moments you want
to enjoy pass as you are too busy with other distractions.

When finding this eye catching waterfall which is over 225 feet tall on a hidden path with gleaming sunlight, countless logs, and different
shapes and sizes of rocks, I was struck with intensity by realizing that it is these beautiful moments in life that can pass by quickly just like the water which swiftly flows down the stream. This realization made me appreciate the power of photographic technology and how through both the lens in my eyes and my camera, I can capture the moments that I want to hold onto endlessly.

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