Calla Lily Valley

Calla Lily Valley

Calla Lily Valley


9 Artist proof / 10 limited edition

Framed. High Quality Framed UltraVue UV Anti-Reflective Glass.

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I was looking for a field of lilies and stumbled at this magical scenery. While I was taking photographs I realized that there was no place quite like it. Hundreds of thousands of lilies occupied this field with a nearby narrow stream a few yards to the left leading to the ocean. The tranquil flow of water, calm breeze, and chirping of birds heading back to their nests as the day drawed to an end made me feel comforted and warm inside.

This valley caught my eye as the vast number of lilies extended far out into the horizon. The strong floral smell and picturesque scenery made me feel secure and comforted, reminding me of home. The great number of flowers reminded me that being together with the ones you love is what produces comfort and openness. Just like the flowers open petals reaching up towards the warm sun, love is a similar warm feeling.

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