Columbia River Gorge

Columbia River Gorge

Columbia River Gorge


9 Artist Proof / 10 limited edition

location. Washington

Framed. high quality UltraVue UV anti-riflactions glass

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Many things in this world pass, but the Earth will continue to move on. As I waited patiently by the river for the thick fog to move away from the viridescent hills, I watched and listened to a creaking boat that was anchored, spinning in circles. Just as the fog had cleared, the boat was facing the shore and as I snapped a shot, seven birds flew in to be
included in this photograph.

The way the world works by bringing the elements of wind, water, and season together is breathtaking. The deep blue water spinning the boat around, the air pushing the fog, and the seasons moving the birds through migration, all of these elements work and come together to form this admirable shot.

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