Heaven’s Gate

Heaven’s Gate

Heaven’s Gate

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9 Artist Proof / 5 limited edition

Framed. high quality framed and UltraVue UV anti-reflective glass


It was my second time visiting this canyon and the excitement building up inside of me made me feel like it was my first. A group of tourists who were in an explore group walked through this Canyon as I was capturing this shot. The tour guides to the north and south of this photograph held the groups of people back so this photograph could be made possible.

Not only through the help of the guides, but also through the help of the sun’s light made this striking photograph possible. The sun gave color to the rough and textured rocks, displaying the surplus warm colors of the yellows, oranges, purples, and reds. At each time in the day, this canyon looks different as the Earth rotates, changing the position of the sun. The hidden beauty of this canyon is revealed through the sun, and the sun
reveals another hidden gift, the bountiful colors that exist in this canyon which can only be seen with light.

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