Monumental Treasure

Monumental Treasure

Monumental Treasure


9 Artist proof / 10 limited edition

location. Monument Valley Navajo | Arizona

Framed. high quality UltraVue anti-reflective glass

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While I was searching for a scene that was open to photography, I was approached by this pleasurable Indegineous man who had offered me to
take photographs of the land he owned. As he drove me to this vast scenery, I was struck with the many fascinating components that my
inner-photographer mind, heart, and soul admired.

As the sun rose and its golden rays shined on the rocks’ mittens’, this enhanced the rocks shape and size, making them appear larger and more prominently. The West and East Mitten Buttes that were rising above the ground were brought to life because of the sun’s ability to stretch out its light to the ends of the Earth. Not only was it the sun, but also the clouds’ warm colors that held this photograph together as it continued the landscape’s theme of a large-scale, intimate, and warm atmosphere.

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