New York Sky’s Line

New York Sky’s Line

New York Sky’s Line


9 Artist proof / 10 limited edition

location. Manhattan

Framed. high quality UltraVue anti-reflective glass

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The infamous border of New Jersey and New York, with skylines and city life, skyscrapers, and an active, never sleeping population.
This skyline needed to be photographed no matter the circumstance. As I had set up my equipment on the Statue of Liberty Island, my hands
turned to ice, and I could barely lift the camera since this photograph was taken in January. Even with these obstacles and a few hours of waiting for the perfect scenery, this sensational view came to be. With not only beauty but history, this photograph consists of the Ellis island where many immigrants including Armenians fled to in 1915 as well as the Brooklyn Bridge which was the first-ever roadway that
connected Manhattan and Brooklyn.

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