Serene Merced’s River

Serene Merced’s River

Serene Merced’s River


9 Artist Proof / 10 Limited Edition

Locations. Merced River, Yosemite National Park | California

Framed. high quality framed UltraVue UV anti-Reflective Glass

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I had a vision of capturing the snow falling with a frozen lake and snow-capped mountains while on an adventure with my friend. As we reached this part of the trail, my friend encouraged me to take a few photographs of the scenery as he found it sensational. I was determined to photograph the snow, but because of my friend’s persuasiveness, I decided to set up my equipment and snap a shot.

As I looked back on this photo, I looked at it differently without the drive to only find snow, but instead with an open mind.

I was able to truly see the beauty of nature within its mountains layers, waters shine, and tough rocks. This made me realize the importance of stopping and looking around because from time to time, what we are
searching for is not what we are meant to see.

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