Spring’s Love

Spring’s Love

Spring’s Love


9 Artist Proof / 10 Limited Edition

location. Northern California

frame. high quality UltraVue UV anti-reflections glass

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I was hiking on a quiet and narrow trail in California. I then started to hear dripping water. Within seconds as I continued on the trail, I heard the dripping turn into a powerful rush of flowing water. This sound had lured me to find the source of the hidden noise until I took a turn and ended up in this mesmerizing oasis.

Multiple waterfalls that were slim, yet powerful encompassed this magical and secret spot. The sun’s beams came down as a bright white light, which made me feel as if I was looking up into heaven. I felt an overwhelming sensation of peace and tranquility as I looked beyond the water to see the vibrant green leaves and moss which covered the mountains. The nature and its expressive green colors added even more of a charming character to this visual fantasy.

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